WSPBR Hall of Fame

Former WSPBR World Champions

35-40 41-46 47 & Over
2009 Champion Kane Patterson Billy Wofford Eddie Garcia
 Reserve Dale Fultz Shane Boyd Morgan Saunders
2010 Champion Shawn McCown Billy Wofford Leonard Clements
Reserve Dale Fultz Darron Tabor Johnny Uselton
2011 Champion Dale Fultz Robert Long Morgan Saunders
 Reserve T.J. Lara Billy Wofford Johnny Uselton
2012 Champion Shawn McCown Chris Burrus Robert Long
 Reserve Johnny Hendricks Troy Moseley Kevin Seawright
2013 Champion Johnny Hendricks Troy Mosley Randy Simpson
 Reserve Shawn McCown Robby Meuth Marty Byrd
2014 Champion Johnny Hendrick Rex Robrahn Robert Mims
 Reserve Jason Moore Robbie Meuth Steve Ballentine
2015 Champion Jason Moore  Brent Clay Paul Hixson
 Reserve Gerald Vance  Troy Mosley Kevin Jones
2016 Champion  James Mack, Jr  Jeremy Denton  Paul Hixson
 Reserve  Gerald Vance  Heath Forinash  Glen McHenry
2017 Champion Kyle Sherwood Rickie Sampson Paul Hixson
Reserve James Mack Dean Schoolcraft Glen McHenry

Roger Crouch Award Recipients

2011 – Kenneth Goolsby

2012 – Marty Sitzmann

2013 – Marty Boyd

2014 – Johnny Hendrick

2015 – Charky Marquis

2016 – Heath Forinash

2017 – Dean Schoolcraft

2018 – Chris Kirby

Clayton Dalton Courage Award Recipients

2018 – Christopher Thomas

WSPBR Memorable Moments

6/16/2012 – Bastrop, TX Shawn McCown made WSPBR history by scoring a 94 point ride.

3/21/2014 – Columbus, TX Wallace Luna made WSPBR history as the oldest bull rider to cover a bull (62 points) at 60 years young.