2018 Schedule

June 23rd.
Skitook Round Up Arena $500.00 Added
HWY 20 and HWY 11
Skitook, OK. Sign in by 6PM
June 30th.
Cross Brand Cwby Church East TX
 $500.00 Added
Sign in 5:45
July 6th & 7th Ride 1 night Buckle Series per Age Group
Club Rodeo 1000.00 added 5 events ride in 3 to qualify
10001 E Kellogg Dr SIGN in BY Fri. 4th Event
Wichita, KS SIGN in BY Sat.
July 14th

Roger Crouch Memorial & WSPBR 10 year Reunion Invitational for retired WSPBR riders

*Double Points*
Bad Dog Arena  Buckle per age group
5204 Elm Grove Road SIGN in BY 2pm for WSPBR/ sign-in by 5pm for invitational  *After Party featuring Kyle Sherwood – BYOB (not bulls)
Belton, TX
July 21st  Double Points
$500.00 Added
Porter, OK
July 26th.  

$500.00 Added

Labette Fairgrounds
from 160 Hwy turn North
on Wisconsin Street
Oswego, KS
July 28th $1000.00 Added  East
Henderson County
3356 Texas 31 Sign in by:  5:30
Athens, TX
August 3rd or 4th
Chris Garr Classic $500.00 Added Jr, Bulls 15 under
123 Rodeo Dr. Ft. Gibson Rodeo Arena PeeWee Bulls 10 under
Ft. Gibson, OK. Sign in By: 5PM
 Rodeo Dr.
August 11th Central
ASE Arena $500.0 + Buckle per 3rd Buckle Series of 6
1622 East CR 109 SIGN in BY
Venus, TX
August 18th.
The Ability Tree Sign in  by 5:45 PM
More Info to Come  $1000 added-plus award
August 24th & 25th
Club Rodeo 1000.00 added Buckle Series per Age Group
10001 E Kellogg Dr SIGN in BY Fri. 5 events ride in 3 to qualify
Wichita, KS SIGN in BY Sat. 5th Event
Sept. 1st & 2nd. Central
ASE Arena $500.0 + Buckle per 4th Buckle Series of 6 Sat.
1622 East CR 109 SIGN in BY
Venus, TX SIGN in BY  Tentative
Sept. 2nd  Sunday East
ASE Arena 500.00 Added
1622 East CR 109 Sign in by 11AM
Venus, TX
Sept. 8th W.TX/NM.
Odess, TX
Sept. 14 Friday Night Only W, TX.
Sept. 15th. $400.00 + Award Parking Pass Required for
Springtown Wild West Sign in by Directions
100 S. Main St. Possible 2 sections
Springtown Wild West
Sept. 22nd. Central
ASE Arena $500.0 + Buckle per 5th Buckle Series
1622 East CR 109 SIGN in BY
Venus, TX
Sept. 23rd Centrlal
Rick Sampson Sr. Buckle per age group
Memorial SIGN in BY
1622 East CR 109
Venus, TX
Sept. 29th E. TX
Oct. 6th.& 7th
Green Forest Cowboy
3/4 Mile on 103 North SIGN in BY Sat.
Green Forrest, AR. SIGN in BY  Sun.
Oct. 12
Chute 2 Team Event $50.00 Fees
Lake Worth, TX
Oct. 13th 400.00 + Award 7th Buckle Event
Chute 2
BullFrog Fest.
Lake Worth, TX
October 20

Country Roads Chute Out

Coal/Beckley Auto

200 Armory Dr.

Beckley, W.V.

SIGN in BY  3:15 PM

Double Points

Added Money $2500 per age group.

Buckle per age group

Open Bull riding $2500 added

Oct. 27th.
Chute 2 400.00 + Award 8th Buckle Event
Princeton Fall Fest. SIGN in BY Buckle Presentation
Princeton, TX
Nov. 3rd
Chute 2 Pending
Ft. Worth, TX
Nov. 9th and Nov. 10th
Border Town


Past Events

Jan 26th & 27th – Club Rodeo
Feb 17th – Artesia, NM

Feb 24th East TX. CROSSbrand Cowboy Church

March 2nd and 3rd Club Rodeo

March 17 – Grandbury, TX Bulls on the Beach

March 23rd & 24th Columbus, TX

March 31st.Easter Weekend

April 8 Wylie, TX

April 14th & 15th – Artesia, NM

April 21, 2018 Haslet, TX

April 28, 2018 – Ava, MO (double points)

May 5, 2018 – Whitewright, TX

May 12, 2018 – Nevada, TX

May 26/27 – ASE Ranch

June 2, 2018 – David Berry Arena

June 9, 2018 – ASE Ranch

June 15 & 16, 2018 – Club Rodeo